Seminar Talk: ‘An “American Century” for Afghanistan? American Advisers in Cold War Afghanistan and the Intellectual Origins of “Modernization” and Development”‘

I wasn’t kidding when I wrote earlier that these first weeks back to Oxford are a real gauntlet of talks and presentations. After two talks this past Friday and Saturday at the Rothermere American Institute and SOAS, respectively, yours truly is hitting the ground again at 1:00 PM this Friday, February 24, in the Rainolds Room at Corpus Christi College to give another talk on American advisers in Cold War Afghanistan. It’s basically identical to the one I gave last Friday, but I’m in the middle of revising the article that this presentation is based on for an edited volume, so I’m looking for all of the feedback and comments I can get at this point.

Qandahar Airport, built with USAID assistance and symbolic of an era of US aid to the country and Southwest Asia

Why not come along if you’re in town? The talk is part of a wonderful MCR-SCR seminar series that Corpus Christi College puts on, with free yummy sandwiches, and the Rainolds Room – which is tucked in the back of Corpus – is a warm, comfortable space to take your lunch while hearing some idiot drone on. The talk itself will be about 40 minutes long, so those who need to shuffle off to 2 PM events should be able to make it, well-fed and hopefully entertained, afterwards.

All roads lead to the Rainolds Room at Corpus Christi College this Friday at 1 PM - here's how to get there!

To get to the Rainolds Room, once inside Corpus (on Merton Street), go through the main courtyard, veering towards the back right, where there is a corridor. Go through the corridor, which will take you to a small garden quad. There, continue to go straight, into a further courtyard where there’s a brand-new auditorium (the MBI Al Jaber Auditorium) ahead of you. The Rainolds Room – along with sandwiches and refreshments – should be awaiting you on your right.


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