Up From the Mines: A Very Short Update

Apologies to any readers for the lack of updates recently: it’s less a reflection of laziness on my part than a triple-whammy of writing bloggable things that are either going to be syndicated elsewhere in the next several weeks, or putting together a seminar paper for a PhD workshop on International History going on at LSE, in central London, next week. That, and the small matter of putting my dissertation together.

I should hopefully have Part II of the review of Feroz Khan’s Eating Grass up by this weekend, and more details on the LSE talk up shortly, too. And I’ll try to tape the LSE talk and put the Prezi up as well, too. I’ll put up a more detailed note about the talk – next Wednesday – soon, and the materials from it should be available by next Thursday or Friday, the 7th or the 8th of February.


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