New Toynbee Prize Foundation Interviews

Followers of this blog will have noted that, since I’ve assumed the duties of Executive Director for the Toynbee Prize Foundation, my posting frequency has declined a bit. Fortunately, however, that’s only because my responsibilities there have seen me writing longer pieces–mostly interviews with leading historians–that readers can access at Foundation’s website. For those interested, the last month or so has seen

• An interview with Adam Tooze on his new book The Deluge

• A conversation with Jeremy Friedman, author of a forthcoming monograph on the Sino-Soviet Split and the Third World

• An interview with Jenifer van Vleck on her book Empire of the Air and writing U.S. history in a global context

• And, lest readers fear too much favoritism towards Yale historians based on the first three, a write-up of an excellent conference on development that I attended at Columbia University this October

Posting will continue to be infrequent here as I continue my work for the Foundation, but I will seek to update this blog as often as possible with links to Toynbee Foundation content.