Freie Universität Berlin

Master’s Theses
Sandra Alsén
“‘The Right to Be Human’: Development and Women’s Rights in 1970s Sweden” (2020)

Ana Guboglo
“The National Question and Heritage Policies in The Early Soviet Union”

Alexandra Leonzini
“‘On Our Own Terms’: North Korean ‘Independence’ Rhetoric in the Late 1960s and the Push for a New ‘Third World’ Order” (2019)

Felicitas Freifrau von Loë
“Building Bridges Across the Cold War Divides Kurt A. Körber’s Bergedorf Round Tables 1961–1992” (2020)

Peder Østebø
“Contested: Human Rights Organizations and Political Transformations in Venezuela (1989-2007)” (in progress)

Jonathan Moody
“Reforms, Resistance, and Covert Operations: The Tibetan Uprising and U.S. Support in the Late Nineteen-Fifties” (2020)

Paul Sprute
“The Afterlives of Solidarity: The Solidaritätsdienst International and its Re-Interpretation of the German Democratic Republic’s Programs of Global Development in Re-Unified Germany” (2020)

Bachelor’s Theses
Joshua Reuhl
Agent Orange and the Vietnam War: Why did the Nixon Administration Cancel Operation Ranch Hand in 1970-1971?” (2020)