Columbia Studies in International and Global History

Since 2017, I have served with Dominic Sachsenmaier (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) and Cemil Aydin (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill) as one of the Co-Editors of Columbia Studies in International and Global History. Books published in a Series are published under the imprint of Columbia University Press, but they receive special shepherding and guidance from the Series’ editors. The Columbia Series was initially edited by Matthew Connelly and Adam McKeown, both of Columbia University, and edited by Columbia University Press Series Editor Anne Routon.

The Series seeks to support and engage with a new generation of scholarship in international and global history. As the Series Description explains:

Continuing with its already established record, Columbia Studies in International and Global History seeks to present some of the finest and most innovative work coming out of the current landscapes of international and global historical scholarship. Grounded in empirical research, the titles in the series transcend the usual area boundaries and address questions of how history can help us understand contemporary problems, including poverty, inequality, power, political violence, and accountability beyond the nation-state. The series will include a wide range of topics and historical epochs, and it will offer a combination of trade and scholarly books dealing with wider themes from global and international perspectives. It will cover processes of flows, exchanges, and entanglements—and moments of blockage, friction, and fracture—between not only “the West” and “the Rest,” but also parts of what has variously been dubbed the “Third World” or the “Global South” itself. 

In doing so, the Series attempts to do justice to the international academic landscapes that have come to shape the field of international and global history in recent years, increasingly so from outside of North America and Europe. As such, the Series aims to represent authors who are based in different world regions. In addition, it will actively solicit commissioned translations of books published in the Series into a variety of other languages. 

The Series Editors welcome submissions for the Series on a rolling basis. Submissions should include:

  • A book proposal, guidance for which may be found here.
  • A complete book manuscript or two to three representative chapters of the book manuscript
  • A cover letter explaining how the manuscript contributes more broadly to the field of international and global history, as well as the contribution of the manuscript to the Columbia Studies in International and Global History

The Series Editors also welcome informal inquiries from authors still in the process of revising their manuscripts, as well as authors of manuscripts in languages other than English. Submissions will be initially read by the Series Editors to be sent afterwards to peer review by outside scholars. The Editors also welcome proposals for trade volumes, as well; applications for edited collections may be considered, but the Series Editors consider it their priority to publish single-author books.

The Press  is able to offer a contract on the basis of a proposal and some initial chapters; in all cases, the full manuscript will have to be read by peer reviewers in order for it to be forwarded to Columbia University Press’ Advisory Boards for final authorization of publication.

Potential authors are warmly encouraged to write to the Series Editors with proposals or questions about the publishing process. More information about Cemil Aydin, or Dominic Sachsenmaier may be found at their respective faculty pages, and I invite you to contact me via this webpage or my faculty page if you have any inquiries about the Series.