In addition to my academic work, I enjoy writing in less formal venues, too. In my capacity as the Executive Director of the Toynbee Prize Foundation from 2014-2017, I regularly conducted in-depth interviews with other historians working in international, global, and trans-regional history to produce profile pieces that capture the contours of the field.

While an undergraduate at Princeton, I also wrote pieces and editorials on occasion:

Not all of the journalistic work I’ve done has been published, or has disappeared from the web. The following piece was written for a spring 2006 seminar at Princeton with journalist Christopher Hedges (as part of the class, students attended and conducted journalistic work on events run by Christian fundamentalist organizations in the Northeastern United States). Portions of this piece were later used, with permission, in Hedges’ 2007 book American Fascists: The Christian Right and The War on America (Free Press, 2008).


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